Two Poems

You broke me Your back  drinks in the moonlight as you rearrange my pieces Through the Wall It’s okay if you don’t have a language because I like the way you move y...READ MORE

Ignorance is Bliss

We’re all walking and laughing in the warm autumn breeze. I inhale the wet, delicious air and regard the high, playful wisps of the clouds. My foot crunches a leaf into the hungry grass as both my fri...READ MORE

St. Olaf Conspiracies #1

 It’s been recently noted by St. Olaf students that our proud mascot in the clouds is no longer her virginal white self. Rather, Big Ole has been stained by none other than Oles who break intervisitat...READ MORE

St. Olaf sentiments: March 17, 2017

For the past three years I have tracked the comings and goings of numerous groups of wildlife on campus, from flocks of friendly geese to the ungodly large carp that used to lurk the natural land’s wa...READ MORE