sleep, its all in your mind

a yoyo in my hand  for a second you on my pillow for a brief moment  my heart in a foreign hand, knotted and thrown  connected, close and separate enough  to be surreal  their story warned ...READ MORE

Untitled (12/7)

Dream gasp in a Moonchild’s wasteland. That amaranthine bay so very far away. Where the Waves no longer crash upon the coarse Earth for they both understand that even the faintest of whispers c...READ MORE

Is it stupid to startle at the sight of a man?

When toothless wind moves its mouth across your back, Dredges up something dusky, dim, and primal, And you can feel the dark figure from yards away. Might as well be miles, may as well be millimete...READ MORE

i’ll take “BUSY, BEAUTIFUL, BADASS” for $800, please

Your breath and mine ran away together  through dew-covered grass  and was felt by the mud and the rock, seen by the owl on the branch,  chilled by the evening and the season,  faintly abraded by...READ MORE

St. Olaf Sentiments (12/7)

Though there have been a number of changes to my secondary major, my primary major, English, has remained the same since Week One. Like many others, I chose English because I always liked books, writi...READ MORE