St. Olaf Sentiments: February 24, 2017

Like any eager first year moving out for the first time, I came to college a little optimistic, a lot anxious and very unsure of my place on campus. That anxiety was only solidified in my first semest...READ MORE

Aria Academy #1: It Began at Summer Camp

Zvezdan Lyubov hated summer camp. As if dealing with her horrible classmates for six hours a day wasn’t enough, the food was terrible, and the counselors were overly cheery and unrealistically optimis...READ MORE

Larla Schnutter and the Ghost of Old Man Geebler

I’m a nightcrawler, a silent watchman – the Midwest’s best detective (probably). I roam the seedy underbelly of St. Olaf and I dig up all the secrets she’s hiding under that grimy belly of hers – I kn...READ MORE

Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy By Braden Fischer ’17 I can turn invisible I just need everyone to Close their eyes and turn At the same time No really, listen This is no metaphor I have a super power With...READ MORE


I will forever be walking Behind the sun A self-shaped eclipse To the outside observer I will always be rising after it For it must outpace, and outdistance me I will remain behind,  As it ...READ MORE