Strikes in Syria necessary, confirm Trump’s rashness

The densely populated neighborhoods of this Syrian town slept peacefully as night wore on, until residents were jolted awake in the early morning by a series of explosions. Shortly after the dust had ...READ MORE

Club sports players deserve SPM credit

    As a liberal arts college, St. Olaf has many curriculum requirements known to the student body as General Education (GE) requirements. On St. Olaf’s Student Information System, there are a whoppin...READ MORE

Filibuster exacerbates polarized politics

One of my favorite episodes of the early 2000s TV drama “The West Wing” centers around fictional Senator Howard Stackhouse’s marathon filibuster to add funding for autism research to a six million dol...READ MORE

Letter to the editors: April 21, 2017

The Institute of Freedom and Community recently announced a spring series titled “Religion and the Public Life.” I am concerned that this title does not accurately reflect the content of this series. ...READ MORE

Perception of presidents defines administration

    The American presidency is a role almost entirely rhetorically constructed through perception. Of course there are certain constitutionally defined powers, but generally speaking, what a president...READ MORE