Fitness technology unnecessary

What comes to mind when you think about a Fitbit or an Apple Watch? Most likely you picture the small bracelet that helps people track their level of fitness throughout the day. Most people would say ...READ MORE

SGA candidates must be held to ethical standards

Content Warning: mentions of sexual assault, rape/rape culture, racism, hate crimes, sexism/sexism culture, topics of mental health.  Campaign posters are finally being taken down after last Thursd...READ MORE

International night risks cultural tourism

International Night is a longstanding St. Olaf tradition, now in its 51st year. Students from a variety of countries around the world come together to showcase and celebrate their countries of origin ...READ MORE

Increase in executive orders worries U.S.

The relationship between the executive, judicial and legislative branches could be described as similar to three bickering siblings, arguing over petty issues as they stubbornly refuse to compromise, ...READ MORE

Capitalism contributes to human progress

MARGARET LINDAHL/MANITOU MESSENGEROverwhelmingly, college students do not support capitalism. The Washington Post recently conducted a survey in which 58 percent of students responded in opposition to...READ MORE