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A menu of upcoming theater this semester

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers. But here at Olaf, January gray days bring spring semester plays. Theater blossoms in spring on The Hill just as plentifully as flowers, and this sp...READ MORE

Heart beat: February 24, 2017

So, America just celebrated a holiday called “Valentine’s Day.” You may have heard something about it. Flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners … Personally, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate th...READ MORE

New exhibit looks at consequences of land use, valley fever

“During California’s Great Bakersfield Dust Storm of 1977 a warm winter wind sped to 192 miles per hour. Dust rose to 5,000 feet.  The sun went black.” So reads the artist statement printed on a pane...READ MORE

Film club premieres with Fassbender flick

For the student that loves films, spends their days constantly spewing off movie quotes and whose daily vocabulary includes “Have you seen…?” or “I don’t want to spoil it for you but...” there is a ne...READ MORE

Best buddy-movies to watch with your buddy

It’s a hectic time out there these days. The past year has left us rife with political and societal conflict. We can’t go a gosh darn day without some anxiety-inducing news alert buzzing from our phon...READ MORE