Published April 21, 2017, 4:35 p.m. - 155 views

I am circling
It has been so long
That I can no longer remember
What solid ground feels like,
Nor want to

I am just now rounding out
The closest part 
Of my elliptical course
During which I pass closest
To the red-hot iron ball
That rests upon my tongue

Soon, I should think,
Physics will send me out again,
A pebble in a celestial slingshot
That can only go so far
Before being drawn back

Back to heat
And weight
And a need
To wrap my head around the two
A need that I always shy away from
At the last second

I am in orbit
A speck of dust, stargazing
Always returning to the same points
I am revolving around certainty
With a gravitational siren
Singing me to the center
Calling me,
Leading me

Henry Benjamin ’19

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