all you want is nikes

Published Nov. 2, 2017, 2:45 p.m. - 75 views

It was in the morning
of a spring night
under dim lights,
where I walked
laced with lust
and some disgust

I inhaled and coughed
as glitter entered my lungs
I tie together my favorite songs
with moments of us

We kissed under the green foliage
of the willow
and talked of dreams as if
we were unprepared to live them
We sat on the ground
sifting earth through our fingers

Did the spoon really ask us
to get a room
when you put it in my hand?

“It’s in our nature to be a mess”
Late at night the darkness
with my skeleton
and it drags you by the skin
Come cry on the carpet
It’s the only time
you are yourself

We both fall
to the bottom of the list
as old texts and inactive contacts
tend to do
Don’t read into my wide smile
on my next “hi”

Alexis Valeriano

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