This ends now
This ends now cont.

A History of Race and Racism at St. Olaf

Gray Shirt team revisits campus in light of Dittman scandal
Board of Regents meets with A Collective for Change on the Hill
President David Anderson agrees to revised "terms and conditions of negotiations"

Anderson deems the moment a "win for the college"


Students of color react to campus protests (Cont.)
Students of color react to campus protests
Strikes in Syria necessary, confirm Trump’s rashness
Club sports players deserve SPM credit

Filibuster exacerbates polarized politics

Arts & Entertainment

INBLACK shortens sold-out run to support student protest
Tone paramount in literary adaptation


Toxic racism permeates numerous St. Olaf athletic programs

St. Olaf athletes of color leave teams and speak out against microaggressions; complacent coaches

NHL playoffs require fixing
Mathison emerges as dominant staff ace


Ode to a Sunny Day in St. Petersburg
The Aeneid Reboot: Chapter 1
St. Olaf Sentiments: April 14, 2017